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About "Transtriumf Group KDA"

TRANSTRIUMF Group KDA is a joint-stock company having been in the public passenger transport business in Varna for about 30 years. The company is the legal successor of two sole traders who started to run the same business back in 1991.

By entering the transport market the company broke out the then existing model of transport services in Varna, the third largest city in Bulgaria, and marked the start of the private sector involvement in delivering city transport. By doing this the company became the first in Bulgaria to have been legally allowed to operate certain urban routes and lines, which to a greater extent turned Transtriumf Group KDA JSC into a pioneer in this particular type of business after the changes having occurred in the country in 1989, which led to the transition from central planning to free markets.

All through the almost three decades of its existence, the Company’s business has been driven by the overriding concern to hold key positions in the passenger vehicle transport, and it has been committed entirely to meet all customers’ needs in all segments of the market by creating a brand new approach to delivering services to the citizens.

From 1995 to 2001 Transtriumf made serious investments in taking on lease and purchasing plots to build thereon a modern infrastructure with parking places for more than 200 buses, service and maintenance center, petrol station, warehouse areas, office and auxiliary premises. The same year the company took part in the competitive tendering procedure undertaken by Varna Municipality and won the operation of new eight bus lines, which made it the biggest private company in the city passenger transport.

In 2005 the company took part in a competitive tender for operating bus lines from the traffic route network of Aksakovo Municipality, adjacent to Varna Municipality. It won the operation of all bus lines and undertook the provision of public services in the Municipality based on a long-term contract.

The company took part in all competitive tendering procedures undertaken by Varna Municipality in 2007 and won the operation of 50% of the bus lines from the city traffic route network.

By adhering to its leading principle to provide comfort to its passengers and on the occasion of its 20 year anniversary the company made investments in air-conditioned busses, and in the beginning of 2011 it ordered and purchased 20 new busses for the city transport which were put on in March the same year.
The Company is also experienced in international cooperation. 2005 marked the period of research and quest for foreign partners in view of the upcoming Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union. In mid 2006 Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society bought 51% of the shares of Transtriumf Group KDA JSC. However, the different traditions and culture, as well as the consistent different approaches to work, made the company repurchase its shares from Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society, with no consequences for their customers, partners and passengers.

In 2008 the company expanded its business by increasing considerably the amount of the passenger transport for travel and tourism. Within the tourist season it performed the overall transport of foreign tourists under contracts with the largest tour operating companies in the world. Transtriumf Group KDA already has more than 30 tour busses.

Another key activity area Transtriumf Group KDA JSC works on extensively is the provision of employee and on-demand transport services.

Transtriumf Group KDA JSC has obtained all necessary licenses to operate bus lines both within the country and within the EU member states.

In 2011 part of the big family of Transtriumf Group KDA JSC, the company which over the last three decades has strengthened its positions as a public transport service provider became TRIUMF TAXI Ltd., the fastest growing taxi company.

Since its establishment in 2011, Triumf Taxi has become the most preferred taxi operator in Varna taking over more than 80% of the carriages within the city. In 2014 the company registered its own trademark.

At the end of 2018 Triumf Taxi already had more than 800 cars in their fleet equipped with a modern GPS tracking system used to control each on-duty trip, perform the fastest possible localization and to better dispatch the closest available vehicle to urgent trip requests requiring the shortest waiting time for the customer. The organization in the taxi operating center allows carriage of more than 40 000 per 24 hours.

The taxi operating center has had its website since the beginning of 2012 which makes it possible to track the nearest available vehicle when making online taxi orders /with no involvement of a dispatcher/.

Transtriumf Group KDA JSC has always been committed to making all of their passengers feel safe and secure when using their taxi services. The company’s own maintenance and repair center and the highly qualified team working there helps ensure that all cars are at all times safe, serviceable and roadworthy. The maintenance and repair center employs only relevantly trained and qualified staff. That is why the company offers high quality maintenance and repair services not only to the cars of their fleet but also to external customers. The company offers the following services to cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles:

Although economy continually evolves, the company has always been able to offer its customers reliable taxi services and attain its operative and strategic goals.

Transtriumf Group KDA lies in the heart of some of the most innovative projects connected with the public transport services not only in Varna but all through the country as well.

The company is a pioneer in the establishment of a modern dispatch system that has been transformed into a good foundation for the implementation of a modern real-time tracking platform and obtaining information about the timetables.

Varna Trafik is a gift for all citizens of Varna which was initiated and financed by Transtriumf Group KDA JSC.

The company is among the builders of the modern transport advertising.

After more than a quarter-century of active presence on the transport market, the company was taken off the scene by order of Varna Municipality for reasons beyond the economic logic thought.

Although the transition generation has grown up with a well organized and modern public transport partly and to a greater extent due to Transtriumf Group KDA JSC, Varna has been, as a matter of practice, sent back to the last century, entrusted to an internal operator created as a monopoly in the sector, and with no alternatives as to the public transport quality.


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